Last fall I had the chance to chat with travel guru Rick Steves prior to his talk Lessons from a Lifetime of Travel, the content of which seemed to rely on his books, The Value of Thoughtful Travel and Travel as a Political Act. Why feature him on a show about wine? He’s been fortunate enough to enjoy wine in the world’s most beautiful places. Plus, why not take advantage of the opportunity to talk with this travel guru? It’s a short conversation but well worth it.



Rick & Jeff closer



Each year Wine and Spirits Magazine publishes their Restaurant Poll. The comprehensive research exposes trends in the wines we choose as we dine in America’s favorite restaurants. Among the many lists is the Restaurant Top 50. As a teaser, here are the California wines that made the top 10; the wines we choose time and time again. At the top of the list is Cakebread Cellars, #2 Jordan Vineyard and Winery, #3 Merry Edwards, #6 Duckhorn Vineyards, #8 Caymus Vineyards, #9 Justin and rounding out the top 10 is Silver Oak Wine Cellars.

For the entire feature, it’s many lists and unexpected surprises, keep your eye on or look for April 2016 issue on newsstands.

Senior editor Luke Sykora will join me on-air in early April to discuss it in length. The many surprises will be revealed! Keep listening. On The Wine Road, 1:05 pm on KSRO.

Winemaker Clay Mauritson is part of a six generation winegrowing family, however he’s the first to try his hand at winemaking. His experience in the vineyard has led him to an enlightening project that shows how much the soil has an impact on the flavor and mouthfeel of the wine. In this case he bottled Cabernet Sauvignon grown and managed identically in three different vineyards to express the variances the loam soil can impart on the finished product. Each are uniquely fantastic. In this segment you’ll learn about his Loam Wines project and a bit of the Mauritson Wines family history.



Mauritson_edited           Clay Mauritson close-up