Although I am slow to get this Women in Wine podcast posted to my website, it did reach world wide podcast platforms in March.  That was my intention as it was Women’s History month, International Women’s Day was March 8th, and the 25th was the Second Annual Women in Wine Day. A week before the release I met up with Katie Madigan of St. Francis Winery in Kenwood, CA. Katie was lucky enough to develop an intertest in wine as a result of her parents love and enthusiasm about the beloved nectar. 

Pam Starr is the president and co-founder of Crocker & Starr in St. Helena. She has great enthusiasm about working in all aspects of the wine industry and has made quite a name for herself. As you’ll hear, both ladies share some common experiences.

It was a real pleasure to spend time with these ladies, and I hope you enjoy their stories of working in the male dominated wine industry. Although, that seems to be changing with each passing year.



Women in Wine

Katie Madigan

Women in Wine

Pam Starr



It’s Down To Earth Month.

Spring is here, we’re getting out to enjoy it, and many are considering how to thoughtfully take care of our beauiful planet. Each April California Wines presents Down to Earth Month celebrating Earth Day.

In this podcast you’ll  hear about events that are occuring across California. Guests include Allison Jordan of the Wine Institute, Jenifer Freebairn and Danielle Langlois of Lasseter Family Winery, and owner Dario Suttui of Napa Valley’s Castello di Amorosa. Celebrate our planet and enjoy the spring season!

Post Photo: copyright California Wine Institute



Earth Month

Allison Jordan Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Wine Institute

Earth Month

Jenifer Freebairn V.P. Marketing and Sales, Lasseter Family Winery

Earth Month

Danielle Langlois, winemaker, Lasseter Family Winery


Lasseter tasting room and winery


One of Lasseter’s colorful labels. This is for the Rhone Grenache blend.


Dario Sattui, owner, Castello di Amorosa

The Castello









The 450-kilowatt solar and battery microgrid