Jeff Davis

Hosting a radio show about the wine and craft beer industry is not what I expected to do when I moved to Sonoma County in 2011. I’ve worked in radio a majority of my life but thought my broadcasting days were left to the airwaves of year’s past, yet through serendipitous events I found myself as host of “On The Wine Road.

It was my choice to prerecord the interviews on-site rather than have guests join me in studio. Yes, I put a lot of mileage on my car but I love traveling through our beautiful countryside to spend time with the fascinating people who are so passionate about their craft. It is an extreme pleasure to get to know, even befriend, those who have made such a major impact within the industry.

In my interest to learn more and also to have the ability to make a contribution I have become a member of the Friends of Sonoma County Wine Library and a board member of the Napa Valley Wine Library Association. Both present informative and enjoyable events and possess incredible collections of recent and historical material. The wine libraries are important resources for anyone in search of information on winemaking, the people, and the history of the regions.

My quest for greater knowledge also led me to get certified as an American Wine Expert and WSET Level 2. So far. With time more will come.            am-wine-expert-full-logo                Lev2_W&S(col).jpgI look forward to many years of telling the stories of the people who contribute to our wine country lifestyle.


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