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National Women in Wine Day, Anne Moller-Racke

I didn’t mention it in the interview but the story of Anne Moller-Racke is one of an immigrant achieving the American Dream. In Anne’s case, it was propelled by two exceptional mentors, and her drive to create something special, like designing a Sculpture Park throughout the rolling vineyards at Donum Estate. She also developed relationships with winegrowers who could provide the grapes she needed to create ideal Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for Blue Farm Wines. Her impressive career is what prompted me to choose her as the subject for National Women in Wine Day.  To truly understand all that she accomplished in just a couple of decades be sure to listen to the full interview.



Anne Moller-Racke

Anne’s daughter Hannah who joined us at the table

Anne Moller-Racke

some of the wines we discussed