The Avant-Garde Aviana Wine

The Aviana Wine brand is the result of combining the 4th generation of a historic wine brand (Charles Krug Winery, first established in 1862),

-with an off-shoot winery that is predominantly owned by women who exhibit the courage and grace of the family’s immigrant matriarch (C Mondavi & Family),

-a passion to passionately support nonprofit causes (Equality Now), and blend it all into a wine brand that is enhanced with innovative augmented reality technology.

-What’s more, the juice is sourced from three European countries to provide a certain je ne sais quoi!

This is Aviana. Giovanna Mondavi is my guest and she explains the inspiration and purpose behind Aviana Wine.


Aviana wine

The Mondavi G4

Aviana Wine

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Aviana wine

The Portuguese blend