The new production facility in Sonoma County will be producing as much as 5000 to 6000 cases a day!


Click below to hear Jeffrey’s full interview from that day.


I’m mixing it up on this podcast with Ace Premium Cider and Harvest on Spring Mountain Vineyard.

For you hard cider fans, you’ll get a kick out of hearing from founder Jeffrey House. The former Brit brought his cider knowledge to the U.S. in the 1970s and opened Ace Premium Craft Cider in 1993. With his sons firmly in place Ace is still a family run business, now in it’s second generation.

Then you can join me on Spring Mountain Vineyard during harvest with their longtime vineyard manager, Ron Rosenbrand. You’ll hear about the unique character of this 845 acre property and how this year’s growing season was for their Bordeaux varieties. Buckle up, it’s time to venture out On The Wine Road.


The Ace In The Hole pub


Apparently Ace In The Hole was the first!


The “harvest” moon early on one of many picking mornings.

Spring Mountain Vineyard Grape Harvest

Bins to fill with harvested grapes

Harvesting the grapes











Full bins waiting to be trucked to the winery


The sun begins to rise on the vineyard following harvest


It’s time to veer off the Wine Road a bit and chat with a brewer. After all, the modern era of the craft beer industry began here in the heart of Northern California Wine Country. Don is an icon among brewers beginning with New Albion Brewery, kick-starting Mendocino Brewing Company, and now calling Napa Smith home. He’s been working on his craft as long as some of the winemakers I’ve interviewed. Hear about his past, present and likely future.




Husband and wife team Scott Heath and Ellen Cavalli have made it their mission is to elevate the apple to greatness through cider. Their “hobby gone wild” is their inspiration and they manage to do it with consideration of the environment and old fashioned techniques. Their long list of retail customers is an indication of their success.



Who’d of thought apples come in so many different sizes???

Ellen_Tilted Shed Cidery

Fogbelt brews edit

Remy, (on left in other photo) and Paul have wine making fathers, have worked the business themselves (Paul still helps his father at Hawley Winery) but they followed their passion to brew quality, hand-crafted beer. Hear their story and get more details at