Like many people in Northern California, Tony Lombardi’s ancestors emigrated from Italy. He grew up in the area and his friends are the Who’s Who of the wine industry. His background in PR and marketing led him to join his pals who founded one of the coveted cult brands of the early 2000s, Kosta Browne. That position paid off in spades as you’ll hear in this interview, ultimately leading  KB winemaker, Cabell Coursey to join Tony at Lombardi Wines. Tony shares the story of his family’s influence and his enviable position in the Sonoma County wine world.

Lombardi Wines also provides Tony with the means to support a cause that is close to his heart. He’ll share details of Hilinski’s Hope and how next year’s incredible Seine River Cruise in France will provide an additional fundraising opportunity. You’re invited to join them!

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Lombardi Wines

Tony with his wife Christine

Lombardi Wines

Each year Tony bottles 1.5 liter magnums of Sonoma County Pinot Noir to raise money and awareness for Hilinski’s Hope.



Congratulations to the Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance for FINALLY receiving the much desired, and deserved, AVA designation (American Viticultural Area). The coastal wind and fog in the region truly produce grapes of distinction. Prior to their annual Wind to Wine tasting event last year, I interviewed Doug Cover of the PGWA Board of Directors about their pursuit of the AVA distinction. If you’d like to learn about the process and what it means for the growers and the winemakers who source grapes from the region click the link below. This is my raw interview and is less than 8 minutes. For distinctive cool climate wines look for Petaluma Gap on wine labels from this point forward!


Petaluma Gap

For a larger view of the wineries who source from the Petaluma Gap click the map