Family Winemakers of CA – Tasting Events and Advocacy

You may have heard of Family Winemakers of California, but did you know Family Winemakers of California presents tasting events to highlight and support their member wineries? They also lobby for legislative action on behalf of the wine industry, focusing on the smaller producers.

The Director of Administration and Marketing for FWC, Jessica Venezia, joins me to delve deeper into the details.

Family Winemakers of California supports close to 200 wineries state-wide, most of whom are small family wineries. Yet, their members also include more established wineries, like Jackson Family Wine Estates, ZD Wines, Tablas Creek, Freemark Abbey, Justin Vineyards and Winery, and many more. Be sure to catch the code in this podcast for a $25 discount off their upcoming wine tasting event in Oakland on August 13th. (click the event image below).

Recently, FWC partnered with Wine Routes, a web and app based platform that provides wine and fun-loving people with details about many wineries across California and other popular U.S. wine regions.

As you can tell Family Winemakers of California exists for wineries small and larger that are looking for support to generate growth, awareness, and sales.

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