Innovative Winery Owner Jean-Charles Boisset

This interview began as a discussion concerning the 40th anniversary celebration of Raymond Vineyards’ first vintage release. Always the innovator, owner Jean-Charles Boisset had it bottled with a gold embossed red velvet label. No, really. This inspired me to sit down with him to discuss his creative inspiration. That led me to present other wine producing innovations he has been offering from Buena Vista Winery (Sonoma Valley) and JCB by Jean-Charles (Napa Valley). I enjoy interviewing J.C. because I never know what to expect from him. I take that back. I do know what to expect and it’s his playful irreverence that tempts me to return. This is the extended version of what aired on my radio show. An EP of JC, if you will. Enjoy.



jean-charles boisset