Making Burgundian Wine in Sonoma County with Small Vines

The story of how Small Vines Wines began

If you’re Paul Sloan, a restaurant sommelier and wine enthusiast, and you get so blown away by a 17-year-old world-renowned Burgundy Pinot Noir you want to replicate that style yourself, how do you achieve that goal if you don’t own a vineyard and you’re not a winemaker?

In today’s post, you’ll hear the fascinating story of how Paul and his wife Kathryn made it happen without buying grapes and hiring a winemaker.

I will say, the purchase of an unusual European tractor was part of the process.

Visit the Small Vines website here.

Small Vines

Kathryn Sloan hosting a tasting


Small Vines

The multi-functional, three-row CAVAL tractor in action