Meet Thatcher – The Young Phenom Somm

In this podcast you’ll meet Thatcher, a rising name in wine who is making waves within the industry.

Thatcher Baker-Briggs is a young sommelier who is fast-becoming a modern-day trailblazer for minorities and millennials in the wine industry.

Not only can he procure impossible-to-get vintages and bottles for an international clientele list, he also launched an online import company, Thatcher’s Wine. And there’s more…

If you’re still hanging on to the belief that sommeliers are self-absorbed, and stodgy, Thatcher will quickly dispell that image, because he’s quite pleasant and cool as a cat can be. Pull up a chair and join us at the W Hotel Lounge in Hollywood as I delve into his impressive past.


Click image for Thatcher’s Consulting and Thatcher’s Wine

Meet Thatcher