Napa Valley’s First Female CEO

Not long after college, and with a degree in French Language, Michaela Rodeno talked her way into getting hired as the second employee at Moët & Chandon’s new American winery, Domaine Chandon. It was 1973 and the office was in a garage on Mt. Veeder. After 15 years of helping Chandon become a success, she left as a V.P. and became Napa Valley’s first female CEO at the newly established St. Supery Vineyards and Winery. While there she formed Women for WineSense with Frog’s Leap Winery’s Julie Johnson, to combat the rising anti-alchohol movement of the 1990s. Michaela is now retired from the industry and focuses on the family’s Villa Ragazzi Wines, while Women for WineSense has continued to grow across the country. When you hear this interview you’ll understand why she is a beloved member, if not an icon, of the Napa wine industry.