I was slow to develop a taste for Port and dessert wines but for the last ten years it’s been my desire to have at least one bottle on the shelf and/or in the refrigerator. It also took a while for me to hear about Napa Valley’s own Port house, Prager Winery and Port Works.

They hit two milestones this year; their 40th anniversary and Sweepstakes & Best of Class awards from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Tasting – the largest competition of American Wines in the world! It was their 10-year-old Tawny that grabbed the prize.

Prager Winery and Port Works offers a good variety of Ports, from blends, single vineyard Ports, a 2005 Colheita, Tawnys, a Blonde Tawny, White Port, even a dry Port. If you’re not a fan of fortified wine, they offer a Late Harvest Riesling dessert wine as well.

In this interview winemaker Peter Prager shares the story of following their father’s dream to own a winery  and takes me through each of his Ports and dry Petite Sirah. A nice way to start the day! Their rustic winery is a throwback to a simpler time in the valley and truly a unique experience. Find them online at PragerPort.com.


Prager Winery and Port Works Prager Winery and Port Works