Serres Family celebrates 100 years in Sonoma County

One thing I love most about the wine industry is the sustaining longevity of many historic family wineries. In an era defined by rapid change and shifting tastes, inspiring younger generations to carry forward the family tradition can be a challenge. That said, what a milestone the Serres Family has reached as they celebrate a remarkable 100 years!

Nestled just north of the town of Sonoma, you can’t help being captivated by the expansive beauty of their sprawling ranch vineyard when driving by. You can experience the property yourself with an ATV Vineyard Tour with a charcuterie and cheese pairing featuring their flavorful Bordeaux varietals. It’s an enjoyable sensory experience you may never forget.

If you missed my podcast interview with fifth-generation family member Taylor Serres, you can listen or download it here.

For deeper details of their rich history and a description of the ATV Tour, click here. (Compliments of Lombardi Marketing)

Congratulations and Cheers to the Serres Family!