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In the last few years a large number of non-alcholic beverages have hit the market. If you’re looking to join the Dry January craze, or like to have the N?A option from time to time throughout the year, here’s an extensive list of mocktails and Ready to Drink cocktail beverages compiled by the folks at VinePair. Not sure where to find the ones that strikes your style of beverage? Usually a quick “Where to Find…” search will generate results, and many websites have a Find Us pageAnother option is Amazon. I noticed they stock many of these, which could be on your doorstep in 24 hours!

I wish you well with your endeavor! 

Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and RTDs

Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

Curious Elixirs offers four non alcoholic cocktails, each arriving in sleek bottles with minimalist branding. The drinks pay homage to well-known classics, including the Negroni, French 75, and Italian (Aperol) Spritz. Tasked with creating those drinks without the very distinctive flavors of ingredients like Campari, gin, and Champagne, the collection lands as a resounding success, closely mimicking the overall profile of each cocktail. Our pick of the bunch is the refreshing, light, and floral French 75.

Price: $40/ 4-pack 20 oz bottles

De Soi

De Soi is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

The newest frontier for celebrity endorsements, Katy Perry entered the non-alcoholic space in early 2022 when she launched her line of booze-free, sparkling aperitifs, De Soi. The brand offers three different flavors, available in shareable 750-milliliter bottles and single-serve 8-ounce cans. Made and infused with a broad selection of sweet, savory, and botanical ingredients, their profiles are heavy on flavor and aromas, but light and bubbly in texture. Seek out the reishi mushroom–based Champignon Dreams.

Price: $25/ 750 mL bottle or 4-pack 12 oz cans


Jeng is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

Hemp-based Jeng is another producer that offers nonalcoholic takes on well-known cocktails. The brand’s Paloma arrives with subtle sweetness and enough complexity to match the traditional combination of tequila and grapefruit soda, while the Jeng & Tonic brims with zesty lime and bitter quinine notes. More than just fancy sodas, these are balanced, well-executed highballs that bring a splash of fun to booze-free occasions.

Price: $20/ 4-pack 8 oz cans

For Bitter For Worse

For Bitter For Worse is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands

The trio of large-format RTDs offered by this brand promises to challenge even the most adventurous of palates. The Negroni-adjacent Saskatoon finishes with a wave of bitterness, certain to please amaro lovers. The Old Fashioned-esque Smoky No. 56 evokes a sweet, savory, and smoky BBQ sauce. Eva’s Spritz proves to be the most “mainstream” in profile of the three, though the fruity and sparkling aperitif nevertheless arrives with its fair share of savory notes.

Price: $28/750 mL bottle or $22/4-pack 6.3 oz cans


Figlia is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

Based out of New York and Los Angeles, Figlia was created in response to founder Lily Geiger’s father’s battle with alcoholism. Geiger’s core line, FIORE and FIORE Frizzante, launched in 2021. While the still version of FIORE comes in 750 milliliter bottles and Frizzante is sparkling and sold in 8 ounce cans, both products deliver the same ginger-forward flavor that mimics bitter Italian digestifs. While it won’t taste exactly like your favorite Campari cocktail, its approachable profile makes it a great entrypoint for those less familiar with aperitivo. Juicy and herbaceous, this is a formidable swap for the fancy soda lovers out there.

Price: $43/750 mL bottle or $36/6-pack 8 oz cans

Clever Mocktails

Clever Mocktails is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

From Montreal, Canada comes a line of mocktails so convincing, you’ll find yourself double- and triple-checking the ingredient list. With offerings spanning N/A gin, canned Mojitos, Gin & Tonics, and Mules, there’s a sip for every kind of drinker. Seek out the Mojito especially — its flavors of fresh mint and lime add balance to a cocktail that often verges on saccharine. The Pink Gin & Tonic, made with juniper, cardamom, and carrot juice, is also a worthy purchase.

Price: $39/12-pack 12 oz cans


Mockly is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

From New Orleans-based mixologist Jesse Carr, Mockly seeks to achieve lightly effervescent, complex cocktails — no spirits required. Choose between the spicy El Diablo, made with Earl Grey, chili, and passionfruit, or go for the ginger-forward, wintry Love Bite, with notes of herbal tea, pomegranate, rosemary, and juicy citrus. These sips feature a slight vinegar-forward note that balances fruit-driven sweetness, making it especially appealing to those who enjoy ginger kombucha.

Price: $11/4-pack 250 mL cans


Ghia is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

One of the better-known names in the N/A space, Ghia has captured the hearts of countless coastal millennials, sober or otherwise. The apéritif is comparable to your favorite craft amari, with ginger, herbs, and just a hint of sweetness. The mouthfeel of this offering also stands ahead of the pack; while some of its competitors lean on the watery side of things, Ghia has a full body and would mix beautifully into a cocktail. Its Le Spritz collection features the original Ghia Soda flavor alongside the newer Ghia Ginger and Lime & Salt flavors, all of which would make great beach bag or weekday lunch additions.

Price: $38/16.5 oz bottle or $60/12-pack 8 oz cans

Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Damrak Virgin 0.0

Damrak Virgin 0.0 is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

From an Amsterdam-based gin distiller, this non-alcoholic alternative opens with vibrant citrus aromas that all but dominate the nose. The palate continues in a similar zesty fashion but delivers an unexpectedly weighty texture, which does a good job of mimicking alcohol. Though there are faint whispers of botanicals, this remains a more straightforward, easygoing example of N/A gin — one that drinks very well with tonic or sparkling water.

Price: $25/ 700 mL bottle

Free Spirits

Free Spirits is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

Free Spirits offers three options aimed at providing direct alternatives to popular spirits. All finish with a fiery kick akin to fresh ginger and seemingly intended to recreate the “burn” of alcohol. The Spirit of Gin oozes lime oil on the nose and kicks in a peppery bite of juniper on the palate. The brand’s tequila alternative — aimed at reposado and añejo drinkers — matches sweet vanilla with rustic herbaceous notes, and is the best booze-free tequila imitation we tasted. The Spirit of Bourbon does a similarly fine job of delivering notes of corn, caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak that define America’s native spirit, while the Spirit of Milano offers a worthy alternative to your favorite Italian amaro.

Price: $37/ 750 mL bottle


Lyre’s is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

Lyre’s leads the way in terms of the range of its portfolio, and many of the brand’s offerings represent the best non alcoholic versions of their intended spirits. Aperitif Rosso and Italian Orange prove worthy choices for aperitivo hour. So tasty are both when mixed in a spritz that even the most reluctant Dry January participant won’t be left craving booze. You might question what use you have for N/A Orange Sec or Amaretti; upon tasting, you’ll actively search for drinks to mix, given how enjoyable their profiles are. The Dry London Spirit is bold and juniper-forward, while the Dark Cane Spirit might just be the finest pick of the bunch, with intense aromas and an exceptionally balanced palate. It’s no wonder that this brand is already valued at over $350 million despite being around for less than four years.

Price: $36/ 700 mL bottle

New London Light

New London Light is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

From England’s Salcombe Distilling Co., this N/A spirit alternative brand offers expressions with convincing complexity. Where other nonalcoholic “gins” don’t stray too far from citrus in their profiles, New London Light’s three botanical-forward expressions showcase notes of pine, juniper, and fresh wafts of citrus pith. Combined with its rich texture, there’s no danger of New London Light getting lost in cocktails, whether highballs or stirred “spirit”-forward creations.

Price: $35/ 750 mL bottle


Seedlip is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

A pioneer of non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip has so far made more inroads into the bar world than most other zero-proof brands. With three distilled herbal elixirs in its lineup, Seedlip aims not to mimic existing spirits but offers three different profiles for bartenders to work with: the citrusy “Grove,” herbal and savory “Garden,” and “Spice.” When tasted alongside other N/A spirits, the body of these options feels slightly thin but the flavors and aromas remain concentrated and intense.

Price: $32/ 700 mL bottle

Spiritless Kentucky 74

Spiritless Kentucky 74 is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

A bourbon alternative like no other, Kentucky 74 begins with an intense one-two punch of cherry candy and almond essence aromas. It enters the palate sweet, before complex flavors begin to unfold, each one cementing its case as a quality whiskey replacement. Spiritless suggests sipping the drink on its own or in a 50/50 split with your favorite bourbon. While this won’t be an option for those choosing to completely abstain, the experience is infinitely more enjoyable than watered-down bourbon, and allows drinkers a genuinely tasty way of cutting the proof and calories in their whiskey glass.

Price: $36/ 750 mL bottle


Aplós is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

Made in collaboration with NYC-based bartender Lynnette Marrero, Aplós delivers herbal, adaptogenic spirits in chic, design-forward bottles. The brand offers two distinct options: Calme and Arise, meant to relax and energize, respectively. For our panel, the winner among the two was the hemp-infused Calme, with its grassy, basil-forward notes entwined with the brightness of grapefruit pith and fresh mint. Just try not to be put off by the color; both spirits appear opaque in the glass with a milky-white hue.

Price: $48/575 mL bottle


Wilfred’s is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

“Bittersweet Orange and Rosemary” reads the label description of this Aperol/Campari alternative, and the liquid inside sure lives up to the brief. Its bittersweet profile cries aperitivo, while the inclusion of rosemary adds distinctive personality and pairs wonderfully with its orange aromas and flavors. Ideal for spritzes, it also drinks wonderfully on the rocks with a large orange wedge (and a few dashes of bitters, if you’re not worried about adding a small amount of alcohol).

Price: $32/ 500 mL bottle

Three Spirit

Three Spirit is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks brands for 2023.

The landscape of brands offering buzz without the booze has expanded in recent years, but Three Spirit remains ahead of the pack on quality in that space. The brand’s three non-alcoholic “spirits” offer punchy, flavorful options for each stage of the night. The fruity “Livener” kicks off the party, while the bitter chocolate and cold-brew-leaning “Social Elixir” keeps things going. For the end of the evening, there’s “Nightcap,” which is bold, lusciously sweet, and finishes with a fiery kick. The latter can be nursed over a large chunk of ice, but don’t miss out on the brand’s extensive range of cocktail recipes.

Price: $39/ 500 mL bottle