On this podcast you’ll hear about the many travels and discoveries of Dr. Olmo.  He’s a former UC Davis professor you’re likely not familiar with but who’s decades of research led to many important discoveries in viticulture, much of which had a positive influence on the quality of wine produced across the globe. Through interviews with winemaker Dan Petroski of Larkmead Vineyards and the professor’s daughter, Jeanne, you’ll meet Dr. Harold Olmo. He was such a fearless researcher he became known as the Indiana Jones of Viticulture.

Thanks to the University of California at Davis for prompting me to pursue this story.  To learn more about Larkmead Vineyard’s donation to digitize Dr. Olmo’s work, click here.


Dr. Olmo

Harold and his wife Helen

Dr. Olmo

An iconic shot of Dr. Olmo which appeared on the cover of Sunset Magazine. Photograph by Richard Steven Street.

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