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How do wineries battle the coronavirus blues? By being creative, stepping up, helping their employees and keeping you smiling during these sobering times. Many wineries across the country are reaching out through social media with virtual tastings.

Here’s an updated and refined list of what the wine regions are doing in Northern California.  I’m also including my interviews with Jackson Family Wines and Spring Mountain Vineyard from my show on April 18th.

Sonoma County

From Sonoma County Vintners
Sonoma County vineyard

Napa Valley

From Napa Valley Vintners


Sonoma Valley

From Sonoma Valley Wine Collective



And across the state at Discover California Wines


Don’t suffer from the coronavirus blues. Stock up and stay at home…it’s a good place to wine!


Wine Educator, Ben Fine of Jackson Family Wines explains YourWineStore.com

Aida Parsa of Spring Mountain Vineyard details her two-way virtual tastings

Mighway and Harvest Hosts

This episode is a bit different than my usual podcast. You’ll hear about Mighway and Harvest Hosts who work with each other to provide unique experiences on the road.

Mighway is a peer-to-peer rental platform, like Airbnb, but for RVs. Harvest Hosts has relationships with wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses and other appealing destinations that allow you to stay overnight on the properties in an RV.

Traveling on the road in an RV is something my wife and I have discussed doing, especially when I travel to visit wineries and other experiences On The Wine Road. Mighway and Harvest Hosts has made it easier to do. If you like being on the road these two options offer a great way to travel to the experiences you enjoy.