Vine Whisperer Phil Coturri – Moon Mountain Event

Vineyard manager and owner of Enterprise Vineyards, Phil Coturri has spent nearly his entire life as a mountain man, of sorts. He grew up on Sonoma Mountain, then started working on Moon Mountain in the 1970s. Between the two prominent ranges is the world-class wine-producing region of Sonoma Valley.

Phil started learning about organic farming as a teenager, so it’s no surprise he is referred to as a wizard and a guru, possibly even a vine whisperer. In this podcast, Phil talks about his background, traditional organic farming, and what makes Moon Mountain so distinctive.

It’s no surprise the Moon Mountain District Association chose Phil to be my guest when I offered to promote the “Reach for the Moon” Master Class and Grand Tasting event on June 3rd, 2023. It’s likely no one else knows more about Mountain than Phil. The event is going to be spectacular, tasting and learning about the wines that are the end product from the grapes that are grown in every direction, with unobstructed views from the mountain to San Francisco Bay. See the impressive list of winemakers who are attending and the wineries who will be sharing their wines by visiting, then click Events.

You can bet I accepted their offer to attend!  I hope to see you there, too. Click the Play button below to listen to the interview.

Check out the wines made with Phil Coturri‘s grapes at Winery Sixteen 600.


phil coturri

The Moon Mountain District atop the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma County