Wente Vineyards – A Leader in…

As they celebrate 140 years, you can say Wente Vineyards is the leader in the U.S. as the family winery has survived longer than any other. That’s quite an accomplishment! They are also a leader in sustainable practices, in a variety of areas. That’s impressive!

And you may wonder why it took me so long to interview a family member about their remarkable achievements. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. They’re busy people. But, in honor of Earth Month, I managed to connect with Aly Wente (granted this is posting in May but we recorded last Friday, April 26th, just days after Earth Day.

Oh sure, Wente Vineyards has had more time than any other winery to develop sustainable business practices beyond what most can replicate, yet the family’s desire to do so goes as deep as the roots of their expansive vineyards. Aly Wente will share the details about the many sustainable initiatives they have incorporated to lower their impact on the environment.   

Whether sustainability matters to you or not, you have to appreciate that they’ve surpassed a number of American wineries that started 20 to 30 years before they did yet couldn’t manage to stay afloat.

Join me as I travel to Livermore, California to share their story.


Wente vineyards

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