Wine                                                                                               Food

Barbera — This versatile red wine is light in taste light in taste with flavors of cherries, strawberries and raspberries., and when young can have intense aromas of blackberries as well. Its low to medium tannins and high acidity, which makes it the perfect wine to pair with rich foods or just about any meaty dish.


Pasta Bolognese — Or try it with grilled or roast pork, wild boar, lamb dishes, and pizza with a sausage topping.















Cabernet Franc – Savory, herbaceous, and fruit-forward, this parent of Cabernet Sauvignon often features flavors of bell pepper, dried herbs, and blackcurrant.


Pairs well with pan-seared duck breast — You can’t go wrong with grilled vegetables, rosemary-rubbed pork tenderloin or beef stew.















Cabernet Sauvignon — Firm, focused structure, lingering dark fruit of blackberry, blueberry, black currant. Hints of mocha, cola and earth round out its luscious flavor.

A fine cab deserves grilled grass-fed beef — Or how about braised beef short ribs, Asian BBQ lamb ribs. or chicken with figs.