Each year I have the great pleasure to taste some of the Top 100 wineries of the world all in one place. If only Wine & Spirit Magazine‘s Top 100 Event was several days so I could taste them all. The local culinary treats are a welcomed bonus.

In this podcast you’ll hear interviews with winemakers from California’s Central Coast, South Africa, Portugal, Slovenia, Napa Valley, and W&S Magazine’s senior editor Joshua Green.

The Top 100 wineries gather every October in San Francisco. It’s a “must experience” event if you appreciate wine and would like to expand your horizons. Pop open a bottle and join the fun.


In the Metreon in San Francisco

The outdoor patio reserved for sparkling wines and oysters.




Andrea of Millineaux Wines of South Africa.


Hugh Symington representing the family’s brand, W&G Grahams of Portugal. I wish I had a bottle of Grahams that size!